About Us

The brainchild of gluten-free baking wizard Nancy Truman, fōnuts debuted in August ’11 with a mission to elevate the coffee and donut experience into loftier and tastier realms. Always baked and never fried, fōnuts replicate the classic donut taste you know and love, but give it a modern spin, featuring gluten-free and vegan options alongside traditional varieties.  With a focus on natural ingredients and simple, clean recipes, Nancy’s creations accentuate the deliciousness of every fōnut bite.

Nancy Truman
Owner / Creator

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Nancy Truman has cultivated a 20-year career as a voice actor, while currently a regular in the hit television show “Handy Mandy” on the Disney Channel. With the recent discovery of her passion for self-expression through baking, Truman, who is gluten-intolerant, began reworking traditional dessert recipes to suit her dietary needs. Using all natural ingredients, without the wheat and gluten, Truman made it her mission to create gluten-free desserts that are as decadent and flavorful as the original. A few years ago, with the growing awareness of gluten allergies nationwide, Truman began selling her aptly titled Banancy Bread at the Mar Vista Farmer’s Market. Instead of a traditional whole loaf, she baked the bread in doughnut pans and renamed it “fonuts.” In 2011, Truman partnered with pastry chef Waylynn Lucas to open fōnuts, a modern doughnut & coffee shop, where she will focus on elevating the shop’s wheat- and gluten-free products.