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Peanut Butter Chocolate

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1st February

Blueberry Earl Grey

15th February

Strawberry Shortcake

15th February

Churro (v)

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5th February

vanilla latte (v)

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3rd January

Vanilla (v)

15th October

Double Chocolate

15th October

Lemon (v)

15th October

Dark Maple

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5th December


30th August

Fonuts: Faux Donuts in Wild Flavors

There are just a few counter seats at fōnuts, a grab-and-go ‘donut’ shop in Mid-City, but that hasn’t kept fans from lining up for these new takes on the humble round treat…flavor choices for the baked-not-fried confections range from banana chocolate and strawberry buttermilk to rosemary olive oil and chorizo cheddar, while coffee comes from Lamill.

Photos: Tina Norton
Read more: http://www.zagat.com/buzz/fonuts-faux-donuts-in-wild-flavors-from-waylynn-lucas